About Me

Hi there!!  My name is Mercy and welcome to my blog.

I am an avid scrapbooker, reader, and love to have fun.  I have been married to the BESTEST husband ever!!  We have been married since 2000.  We met each other online in an AOL chat room.  I actually thought that he was talking to someone else and decided to leave the room (I felt embarrassed because I thought he was talking to me when he wasn't).  He followed me to a new chat room (I guess he WAS talking to me after all...hehehe).  We continued chatting away for a while and then called it a night.  The next morning, I had a long email from him waiting for me in my inbox.  At the very bottom, he included his phone number.  I went the whole entire day waiting for night time to come around.  When it finally did, I called him (I'm a bit of a nut or a risk-taker, whichever you believe).  We spoke on the phone for hours and instantly hit it off.  From then on we carried on a long distance relationship (I was in sunny Florida while he was in chilly Connecticut).  He ended up proposing soon after and the rest is history.

We have two amazingly handsome, healthy, and intelligent boys.  They are fraternal twins.  They were born 4 weeks early in 2005.  Roman was 6lbs and Enzo was 3lbs 15ozs.  He was born with low blood pressure and so they kept him in the NICU for 10 days.  I was able to bring him home when he was 4lbs 5ozs.  No one would carry, change, or feed him because they were too scared.  If someone wanted to hold him, they would ask me to set him on their chest and then pick him up when they were done.  He has caught up to his brother now.  He is actually a half inch taller and about a pound heavier.

Brining up twins is a challenge but it is also a HUGE reward.  They have been brought up to always look out for each other.  When one gets water, he has to give some to his brother.  They are quite rambunctious as boys should be.  We raised them on the PBS cartoons but somehow they still learned how to wrestle with each other (Nature versus nurture...blah, nature won out on this one).  Most days, it feels like they are little men instead of boys.  They come up with the strangest things to say and everyone agrees that they are quite funny.

I started scarpbooking when they were born so I could document their childhood.  I had the best intentions to get everything down and scrapped as it was occurring.  I think I might have forgotten that I was raising twins though and I still had a full time job.  Nowadays, I try to just scrap an event in hopes that I will someday get caught up.  I hope that one day they will have many albums that they will be able to show their children and children's children about how they grew up.

I have become an avid card maker, mini album maker, and general anything maker.  I see someone online that made something and then I have to try it out.  I have become completely OBSESSED with Greeting Farm stamps and Spellbinders and Punches and...   I really need to get back to layouts though so I can complete more albums...LOL.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends.  I wouldn't be able to do anything without their support and encouragement.

I am SOOOOO glad that you have come by to see my creations and posts.