Thursday, December 27, 2012

And the Next Birthday is...

For the newest member to the 4th grade team. His actual birthday is the day after Christmas so I had to make it a little early. Luckily, we got called into a math meeting and I used it as an opportunity to sing him happy birthday with everyone around. Some members of the team weren't happy that they had to come down 3 flights for a fake meeting but once they saw the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, all was forgiven. (Krispy Kreme can calm even the wildest beast...LOL).

Anyways, our newest member LOVES coffee and so I thought it fitting to make a coffee inspired card. So, out comes Cafe Ian, first time a color him in. Then I needed to see about making the rest of the card. I didn't have a die for the coffee cup and didn't even think about using my Cricut. Instead, I just eyeballed the cup. I think it came out pretty darn cool. I even made a doily like the ones they put under a tea cup.

I think it came cute AND masculine. Hope you enjoy :)

Some More Commissioned Cards

My partner at work had 2 special occasions and needed cards for them. So, she came to me!! I was more than happy to make them for her. She had a wedding that she was going to and it also happened to be her parent's anniversary. I tried really hard to come up with simple and yet elegant cards. I wasn't sure what the favorite color was for either couple so I had the "wing" it. I think they came out great!!

My 1st Commissioned Card!!

One of my co-workers saw the shadow box card I made for another co-worker and ordered a card for her twin sister. YAY!! An. Actual. Paying. Customer. WOOT WOOT!!

I asked her for her twins' favorite color and then I just had to make it. Luckily, they are identical twins so I picked out a stamp that looked most like them. Then I just had fun decorating.

I ended up making 2 cards because it didn't seem right to make a card for 1 twin and not the other. She LOVED it!! I am actually thinking about starting an Etsy store where I can sell them. (Gotta make some extra scrappy money somehow...LOL).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy :)

Halloween Goodies

I was looking through Pinterest, I'm TOTALLY obsessed, when I came across "Ghost Poop". I thought it was soooooooo stinkin' cute that I HAD to make it. I ended up making 88 of them!! I made some for my 44 students plus 18 for each of the boys' classes and extra for my co-workers. I also made a "creepy" wrapper for a box of chocolates for each of their teachers.

Hope you enjoy :)

Birthday Cakes

Yup, you read right. I took the cake decorating classes at Michael's with my niece a while ago. So, every once in a while I make some cakes. I don't do it often because the cakes are VERY time consuming. These are the cakes for some very special friends at work. I think they came out great. Hope you enjoy :)

BTW, I hand made the Pandora bag. I wanted an actual bag for the top of the cake but they didn't have the right size. Soooo, what was I going to do without it? Then, while i was sleeping, it came to me... make the bag!! I cut out the bag using the Cricut along with the letters. It was a bit tedious but I was really impressed with how it came out. I should have totally kept it... Darn... Hehehe.

Birthday Cards for Co-Workers

A new school year has started and so I need to start making cards for everyone. I am hoping to make the cards with plenty of advance notice but... I'm not sure if that is going to be possible. It's a busy time of year and now I have the boys In a different school. That just makes things a little harder.

Anyways, here are the first birthday cards of the year.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Banner

I made my first banner!!!!  I am soooo happy with the way that it came out.  It took a while to finish but it was well worth it.

I used those old chipboard albums that we buy for $1 and never seem to use.  I figured it would make the banner sturdy.  I covered the album with plain card stock paper that I embossed using the "With Love" Cuttlebug folder.  Then I made the rosettes using my Martha Stewart score board.  I used the "Paper Girl" collection from the Girl's Paperie.  I went around the rosette (before I scored it) with the "Mini Hearts" edger by MS.  Finally, I used the "Tiara" Thickers in Teal for the lettering.

I think it came out adorable :)

Hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Birthday Cards!!

I was finally able to make the last set of cards for this year's co-workers.  I really love making them personalized cards.  The recipient is always amazed by what I come up with.  Anyways, here are some pictures and also a video.

Hope you enjoyed :) Mercy

Inky Surprise

At work, we had finally collected enough money to buy toner for our printers (we had been out of ink for months).  So I placed the order.  When in finally arrived, I wanted to send everyone a note without telling them straight out what it was.  So this is what I came up with.  I think it came out super cute.

They are just 3 X 3 squares of kraft card stock paper.  I then a blue piece of paper that was passed through the Cuttlebug using the Spot and Dots folder.  I used my Creative Memories wave paper cutter to make the waves.  I cut out the octopus and seeweed from the Cricut Create A Critter Cartridge.  I used my Peachy Keen stamps to stamp the big face.  I really like how they came out.

Special thanks to 2 of the guys on my team that were willing to give up their tags so I could keep them as a sample...guys, they are sooo sentimental...LOL.

Hope you liked, Mercy

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flowers for sale

Here are some pictures of the flowers that I have for sale. Please email me at if you are interested. I only have a few bags of each kind.

Original- 6 flowers for $4.00 US + S&H
Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Blue (Aqua), White, Ivory (Cream), Gold, Burnt Orange

Ribbon Flowers LARGE- 12 flowers for $4.00 US + S&H
Light Blue, Light Pink, Fuschia, Chocolate Brown, White, Purple

Ribbon Flowers SMALL- 12 flowers for $3.00 US + S&H
Blue (Aqua), Pink, Chocolate Brown, White

Organza with Pearl Center- 12 flowers for $3.00 US + S&H
Black, Blue (Aqua), Orange, White

Organza with Bead Center- 12 flowers for $2.00 US + S&H
Light Pink, Dark Pink, Orange, Burnt Orange, Green Apple

Double Ribbon Flowers- 12 flowers for $3.00 US + S&H
Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Fuschia, Red, White, Black, Beige (Khaki), Peach

If you have any questions, PLMK.  :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

4th part of my birthday

When I went to back to work in Wednesday, my really AMAZING friends gave me another party. It was soooooo unexpected and just awesome.

I have been truly blessed. Another year with my mom (74) and dad (94). All of my family and friends are healthy. I am one lucky girl.

3rd part of my birthday

We took Monday an Tuesday off and spent the day together alone. He gave me part 1 of my birthday present on Monday...the Michael Kors watch. We went out scrapbook shopping and then to lunch.

On Tuesday, he had a couples massage set up. It was sooooo relaxing. Then we had sushi...yummm.

Finally, he had a surprise birthday for me at my niece's house.

It was a perfect birthday!!!

2nd part of my birthday

Then we went to Disney for the weekend and the hubby bought me a balloon. I always wanted it when I was a little girl but we never spent money on such things. So my hubby bought it for me.

My birthday weekend.

I have had the BEST birthday of my whole entire life!!!!!   My hubby really out did himself.

First, was a surprise birthday party from my friends at work. They really did a great job surprising me.

Here are some pics.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Male Birthday card

Here is a card I made for a University of Miami fan. I think it came out super cute.

Hope you enjoy :)

Retirement Tea Party

I am making the seating signs for a retirement party for someone at work. I think they came out spec-TEA-cular!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Play Ball!!

The boys have started baseball again!!  Woooo Whooooo!!  Hopefully this season they will play more ball than with the clay...LOL.  So here are some new pics of my little sluggers :)

Roman at bat.

Enzo's turn.

Hope you all enjoy :)