Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stew Leonard's

We got to go to Stew Leonard's!!  For those of us that live in FL, this is an experience.  Stew Leonard's is a grocery store up here that is an adventure and a store.  They carry a lot of their own brand name stuff.  They also have a lot of many prepared foods. Needless to say, you can just run to the store and picked up your already made meal or pick up a prepared one to just throw in the oven.  It is a really cool store.  They have animatronics that are perfect entertainment for the kids.

So, anyways, here are a couple of pics.

Benny has more on his phone but I have to figure out how to sync his phone without him getting all my contacts.  So, as soon as I figure that out I will post those as well.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas in CT

Yup, you read the title correctly.  This FL girl is in icy cold CT for the Christmas holiday.  My hubby is from here and so we came up to visit.  All I have to say is burrrrrrrrrrrr.  It is SOOOOOOOO cold up here!!  I honestly don't know how people survive this year after year.  It gets really cold in FL but it only lasts for about a week.  Then we have a nice chill.  In CT, it is just plain freezing allllllll the time!!!  I'm even cold inside the house...LOL!!  It hasn't snowed yet though.  Supposedly, it might snow this weekend. I hope it snows before we leave on Christmas day though.  It is always sooo pretty when it snows and you don't have to go out and work...LOL!!

Anyways, I am off to play set-back with the family.  So I will post pics later.  Hope everyone is doing well :) Mercy

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Decorations Are UP!!

Actually, they have been up for a couple of weeks but I just haven't uploaded the pics yet.  I have them on my cell phone and I haven't synced it yet :(

I will be uploading them shortly though.

And here they are!!!

Our Christmas Angel fell down after we put it up on the top :( 
We are going to have to find another one that is beautiful and lights up...I'm a little picky when it comes to my angels...LOL

Benny's Santas.  He LOVES to collect Santas.

We may not have a fireplace but we make do...LOL!!

Our Christmas table top.

Our Christmas village.  We got them yeeeaaaarrrrrsssss ago at 90% off...gotta love a sale!!

A closer look.

Hope everyone has a blessed Holiday Season!!  Mercy