Monday, April 1, 2013

Small Haul & Sizzix Customer Service

I just finished uploading a new video.  I went to Scrapyland and bought the Zutter Disrezz-it-All and DreamKuts.  I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!!  I have been wanting these for a while.  The Distrezz-it-All is going to make distressing sooooo much faster and cleaner.  I can't wait use it.  The DreamKuts is going to come in handy for the cards I am going to make so I can sell.

The video also talks about Sizzix's customer service.  Although they are not able to replace or repair my Onesie die, they gave me another die free of charge.  I can still use the Onesie die without the preforation on the sleeve so it isn't that bad.

Anyways, hope you enjoy my ramblings :)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kenny K Devastatia

I am FINALLY able to upload a vid with music that does not get tagged for copyright infringement!!  I made the card a while ago for a friend's birthday.  I recorded myself coloring the card because the card came out sooooooo stinking cute.  Once I tried to add music (so you wouldn't be bored) YT flagged it as a copyright.  I went online to a royalty free site (suggested by a scrappy friend) but I still got tagged.  I finally decided to try out Garage Band on my Mac.  I have never been able to play with that program and get something out of it but today was the exception!!  It is not a composition by Bach but it is quite relaxing.

Anyways, here is part 1 of the coloring.

I hope you guys enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hubby's Surprise Birthday Party!!

My hubby has turned 40!!! :(  The poor thing kept asking what I was going to do special for his birthday.  I kept telling him that I wasn't going to do anything since it was only my family and his 1 friend that was coming down from CT.  I told him that I was going to cut him a cake on Monday for his birthday and take him out to a nice restaurant as his present...Ruth Chris's or something like that.  He wasn't really happy with my suggestion.  He thought that since it was his 40th birthday, I should do something a little more elaborate.  Little did he know that I already had everything planned.

First thing I did was make the invitations.  My hubby LOVES to play poker so I decided on a poker theme.  That was easy enough until it came to the invitations.  I wasn't sure what to do until I remembered that I had the Tim Holtz Texture Fades Poker Face.  I got them out and immediately knew what to do.  Here is the video that I made explaining the process.

I think they came out adorable.  The one thing that I wish was the the embossing folders were bigger.  They are "card sized" but I wanted them to be more "invitation size".  Any who, they were cute.

I also went all out decorating the house for the occasion.  It REALLY came out BEAUTIFUL!!  Here are a few pictures.

We had a blast and he was TOTALLY surprised.  Thanks to everyone that came in and helped :)

Hope you enjoy.

Another Order!!

Yup, that's right!!  Someone ordered another card from me.  They needed a baby shower for one of their co-workers and remembered to give me a call.  I asked a couple of questions and this is what I cam up with.

I used the Build-A-Onesie Girl stamps from The Greeting Farm.  I LOVE TGF stamps!!  They are sooo adorable.  It was really fun to choose which design to put on the onesie.  Then I fussy cute them out and added pop dots.  I think it came it AdorABle!!

Hope you guys enjoy :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

And the Next Birthday is...

For the newest member to the 4th grade team. His actual birthday is the day after Christmas so I had to make it a little early. Luckily, we got called into a math meeting and I used it as an opportunity to sing him happy birthday with everyone around. Some members of the team weren't happy that they had to come down 3 flights for a fake meeting but once they saw the Krispy Kreme doughnuts, all was forgiven. (Krispy Kreme can calm even the wildest beast...LOL).

Anyways, our newest member LOVES coffee and so I thought it fitting to make a coffee inspired card. So, out comes Cafe Ian, first time a color him in. Then I needed to see about making the rest of the card. I didn't have a die for the coffee cup and didn't even think about using my Cricut. Instead, I just eyeballed the cup. I think it came out pretty darn cool. I even made a doily like the ones they put under a tea cup.

I think it came cute AND masculine. Hope you enjoy :)

Some More Commissioned Cards

My partner at work had 2 special occasions and needed cards for them. So, she came to me!! I was more than happy to make them for her. She had a wedding that she was going to and it also happened to be her parent's anniversary. I tried really hard to come up with simple and yet elegant cards. I wasn't sure what the favorite color was for either couple so I had the "wing" it. I think they came out great!!

My 1st Commissioned Card!!

One of my co-workers saw the shadow box card I made for another co-worker and ordered a card for her twin sister. YAY!! An. Actual. Paying. Customer. WOOT WOOT!!

I asked her for her twins' favorite color and then I just had to make it. Luckily, they are identical twins so I picked out a stamp that looked most like them. Then I just had fun decorating.

I ended up making 2 cards because it didn't seem right to make a card for 1 twin and not the other. She LOVED it!! I am actually thinking about starting an Etsy store where I can sell them. (Gotta make some extra scrappy money somehow...LOL).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy :)