Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flowers for sale

Here are some pictures of the flowers that I have for sale. Please email me at if you are interested. I only have a few bags of each kind.

Original- 6 flowers for $4.00 US + S&H
Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Blue (Aqua), White, Ivory (Cream), Gold, Burnt Orange

Ribbon Flowers LARGE- 12 flowers for $4.00 US + S&H
Light Blue, Light Pink, Fuschia, Chocolate Brown, White, Purple

Ribbon Flowers SMALL- 12 flowers for $3.00 US + S&H
Blue (Aqua), Pink, Chocolate Brown, White

Organza with Pearl Center- 12 flowers for $3.00 US + S&H
Black, Blue (Aqua), Orange, White

Organza with Bead Center- 12 flowers for $2.00 US + S&H
Light Pink, Dark Pink, Orange, Burnt Orange, Green Apple

Double Ribbon Flowers- 12 flowers for $3.00 US + S&H
Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Fuschia, Red, White, Black, Beige (Khaki), Peach

If you have any questions, PLMK.  :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

4th part of my birthday

When I went to back to work in Wednesday, my really AMAZING friends gave me another party. It was soooooo unexpected and just awesome.

I have been truly blessed. Another year with my mom (74) and dad (94). All of my family and friends are healthy. I am one lucky girl.

3rd part of my birthday

We took Monday an Tuesday off and spent the day together alone. He gave me part 1 of my birthday present on Monday...the Michael Kors watch. We went out scrapbook shopping and then to lunch.

On Tuesday, he had a couples massage set up. It was sooooo relaxing. Then we had sushi...yummm.

Finally, he had a surprise birthday for me at my niece's house.

It was a perfect birthday!!!

2nd part of my birthday

Then we went to Disney for the weekend and the hubby bought me a balloon. I always wanted it when I was a little girl but we never spent money on such things. So my hubby bought it for me.

My birthday weekend.

I have had the BEST birthday of my whole entire life!!!!!   My hubby really out did himself.

First, was a surprise birthday party from my friends at work. They really did a great job surprising me.

Here are some pics.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Male Birthday card

Here is a card I made for a University of Miami fan. I think it came out super cute.

Hope you enjoy :)

Retirement Tea Party

I am making the seating signs for a retirement party for someone at work. I think they came out spec-TEA-cular!!!