Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ohhhhh, Paula. How I LOVE you :)

Well, we just got back from a super amazing vacation in the mountains of Georgia.  My best friend owns a house in Georgia.  She's had it for 4 years but this is the first time we visit.  Let me tell you that it was AMAZING!!  Coming from Florida, those hills that then turn into mountains are just breathtaking. 

We left Friday night so the boys could sleep through the ride.  We arrived in Savannah, GA at 6 am.  We drove straight to Paul Dean's restaurant, The Lady and Sons.  I thought there would be a line at that time but there wasn't.  So we went off to the Bonaventure Cementery.  I really wanted to see the Bird Girl, the statue that was featured in the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".  I didn't realize that they had moved to a museum quite a few years ago.

I love that movie!!  If you haven't watched it, you really must.

Anyways, we drove around the cemetery and took some amazing pictures.  I love the fact that people in GA section off their family plot with some marble and then place all their loved ones in there.  Here in FL, we just have plot after plot.  They have sooooo many statues in the cemetery and soooo many stories.  I loved going through and seeing it.  It was sad though because I eventually came across the headrests of small children and infants.  How terribly sad...

 I can only imagine the complete despair of the parents.

After the cemetery, we went back to Paula's to see if the line had formed.  I think we got there around 7:30-7:45 am.  I was the 11th person in line!!

 That's me in the gray shirt waiting for 9:30am to roll around.  I think I look pretty good for sleeping 2 hours within a 24 hour period...LOL.
 This is the line by the time 9:30am came around.  That's the time they start taking names for that day's service.
 Then you have to show up 15 minutes before your reservation time in order to wait for your name to be called.  That's me again in the gray shirt in the middle.  At this time, I got a 30 minute power nap in the car while we waited for 10:45am to roll around.
 This is the family.  We are eagerly awaiting the delicious food that was about to come.  (from left to right- Benny, Mercy, Roman, and Enzo)
 The first they bring out are hoecakes and a biscuit.  That hoecake was OUT OF THIS WORLD delicious!!  I was in heaven eating it.  I had never had one before but it put other hoecakes to shame...LOL!!
 Benny got the buffet.  So he got some fried chicken, mashed potatoes, pork chops, candied yams, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and creamed corn.
 This is Benny as he is putting the chicken in his mouth...
 and this is him after chewing it and getting to taste it.  Doesn't that picture say it all.  It was just soooooooo juicy and delicious.
 This is my chicken pot pie.  It was delicious!!  The only thing that I would have changed was to put only white meat chicken.  Other than that, it was sooooooo super yummy.  I asked Roman if he liked this one or the one that mommy makes and he said that he likes this one better :(  Pretty sad but I can see why he preferred this one.  It was really yummy.  I do think mine is pretty scrumptious though...LOL
Here's the buffet.  I really wanted Benny to take a much closer view of the food but he didn't...oh, well.  What can you do?  

All in all, the food at The Lady and Sons is fabulous!!  If you ever go by Savannah, GA, you MUST go there!!  I know there is a long wait but it is sooooooooooo worth it.  My best friend has lived in GA for 4 years and never gone but I am sure that she will be going shortly because I can not stress enough how delicious it is.

Well, I will be going to bed now.  I will be back with some more pictures of my mountain adventure.  

Hope you enjoyed, Mercy


  1. MERCEDES!!!!! Welcome back my friend. I'm so glad you all had a great time. Love the pictures........looks like it's scrapbook time huh - YAY!!! See you son :) Hugs, T

  2. Hey Mercy. I love Pula Dean. I watch her TV show sometimes and love her personality. I would love to go to her restaurant, but most of all meet her and her boys.
    I told my husband about going to Georgia for vacation this year but he preferred a cruise, so this will have to wait. But it is definitely in our near future plans.
    The pictures at the cementery are awesome. What an experience.

  3. Ana- You reaaaaaallllllyyyyy have to go one day. The food is phenomenal!! It would have been amazing to see Paula and the Dean boys but...

    Benny has been wanting to go on a cruise since our honeymoon. We went to Vegas instead so he is constantly trying to plan one for us. Perhaps sometime this year since we just celebrated 10 years in December. We'll see.

    Hugs, Mercy

  4. So nice to see you had a great time. I know what you mean, I love Savannah. I found the Bonaventure Cementery, just like you amazing. I also loved the Wormsloe plantation. It's a great place to take the entire family, I know your boys had a blast. Can't wait to see your beautiful picture.