Friday, May 25, 2012

4th part of my birthday

When I went to back to work in Wednesday, my really AMAZING friends gave me another party. It was soooooo unexpected and just awesome.

I have been truly blessed. Another year with my mom (74) and dad (94). All of my family and friends are healthy. I am one lucky girl.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday my friend. I love that your shared all of your wonderful pictures with us. Beautiful watch and what a fantastic hubby to take you for a couples message. Jerry has been layed off for a while now, so my birthday was very low key.. But much like your both my Mom(69)AND Dad(75) are both alive and I have a wonderful couple of teenage kids that are always so sweet to me. :O) Glad to hear your a May baby. There is nothing like us. lol... Hugs, Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa!!!

      My birthdays are normally just a dinner out with my hubby but this year, my hubby decided to go over the top. I was sooooooo happy and surprised and thankful. Everything came out beautiful. I usually hate surprises but I really wanted to be surprised this year and was totally surprised.

      When our loved ones are still with us to celebrate another happy moment, that is the best birthdays EVER!!!

      Muahhhh, Mercy

    2. Happy birthday to you!!!!
      I love the theme of your cake!!! I'm guessing you're a big fan of the 50 shades book =)
      Happy birthday mercy!!!I hope you have an awesome birthday month!!!

    3. Grace- Thank you sooooo much for the birthday wishes.

      I am a really big fan of 50 Shades. The girls who thought of the cake idea are also big fans. They thought it would be appropriate for my cake and they were right. It was a hit!!

  2. My friend, I'm so happy that your birthday was spectacular!! You totally deserve it. I had already known about it through Maritza (hee hee) work with an amazing group of girls!! Love ya bunches! Besitos, T