Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Decorations Are UP!!

Actually, they have been up for a couple of weeks but I just haven't uploaded the pics yet.  I have them on my cell phone and I haven't synced it yet :(

I will be uploading them shortly though.

And here they are!!!

Our Christmas Angel fell down after we put it up on the top :( 
We are going to have to find another one that is beautiful and lights up...I'm a little picky when it comes to my angels...LOL

Benny's Santas.  He LOVES to collect Santas.

We may not have a fireplace but we make do...LOL!!

Our Christmas table top.

Our Christmas village.  We got them yeeeaaaarrrrrsssss ago at 90% off...gotta love a sale!!

A closer look.

Hope everyone has a blessed Holiday Season!!  Mercy


  1. Hey Mercy. I have my blog back up. It was the cookies and cache. I had to clear that and the blog finally came up.
    Can't wait to see your decorations.

  2. Good to hear Ana. I was wondering what happened :)