Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pics of my New Scrapbook Room

Sooooo, I was going to hold the May scrappy get-together at my house...that meant that I needed to update my room into a prettier room.  My room had been functional but I now needed to girly it up some...LOL.  It took a very long time and a lot of help from the hubs but it finally got done.

 One day, I hope to fill it up with PapertreyInk ribbons.
 My first MemBearship pieces from my Cherished Teddies collection.  I haven't gotten any in a while but I still hang on to them.  I still get the membearship pieces though.  One day, I will have the whole collection.  I have pieces from other countries as well.  I would call other countries to get their pieces and everything...just a little obsessed...LOL

 Homemade Clip-It-Up.  Thanks Mayra (Ivy5) for the idea and Hubby for actually constructing it.

 One day, I'll have these boxes filled with Copics...that is going to be a loooooooonnnnng time from now though...LOL

Precious Moments Sugar Town.

 More Cherished Teddies.
 Ivy and Innocence.
I really REALLY LOVE my room!!  It is sooo pretty and functional.  I am glad I got bitten by the redecorating bug.  I hope you guys enjoy my room :)


  1. Your room looks awesome. I could not believe how much stuff you had until you took the teddies out and put all your goodies out. I love the set up. Have fun in your happy place now and enjoy.

  2. Thanks Ana :) I really can't wait until the summer starts so i can start going in there more. See you soon, Mercy

  3. Mercy!!! I just saw your video on youtube!!! Your room is absolutely GORGOEUS!!!!!! So many awesome goodies to play with!!! And *Hello* loving all your collections! Don't take them out, your room should reflect YOU and all the things you love, it should scream MERCY!!! lol Not Juanita, Pedrito, Lola, etc... ahahahhahah
    Anyway, may God bless it and enjoy every inch of it.
    Hugs :)
    PS pouring here, perfect time to scrap!